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May 26 10 3:24 PM

To Nomind,

You attended a talk.  And you watched a "few videos" of him online.

Go ahead, get involved.  Spend 10 years of your life with him.  Be sexually and psychologically abused by him in the name of your spirituality.

Then come back and tell me and others how you have to laugh at comments or why "people love to hate these masters..."

You ask "Why is he as he is?"  Then you proceed to pontificate upon the reasons, as if you are an expert on the matter...

Charisma, wit, magnetism, and acuity of intellect...these are your cornerstones for finding a "Master"?

I'm sorry, nomind, but I'll pay you and your advice no mind indeed...

You do not have the experience with this organization to pass off judgement upon others who've tried it and left, or to advise others who are considering getting involved to ignore or disregard the comments of those same people.