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Jun 4 10 4:12 PM

To set the record straight:

Most of the postings that I have made here have indeed been testimony of my own experiences with Isha.  The discerning reader is indeed likely to take my testimony “with a pinch of salt” because it is my own private experience and because, according to some who have posted here, there is a “significant dearth of other such negative testimonies.”

I welcome the reader to take whatever I have shared as my experience in whatever way they feel inclined to.  It is, of course, only a testimony.  Testimonials were always and I would guess are still very much welcomed throughout the Isha programs.  As people come to the microphone to share, those that are sitting cross-legged in the programs perceive what is being shared through their own goggles of experience.

I am not trying to change how people perceive the testimony.  I am only trying to provide a testimonial differing from the positives.  When one resonates with positive testimonials, then they feel confirmed or encouraged in their decisions to take steps towards becoming involved in an organization.  That’s fine.

But conversely, when one is getting involved or is already deeply involved in an organization and they begin to resonate with not-so-positive testimonials such as some on this discussion board and mine, then it serves for them as confirmation and encouragement perhaps to re-examine their involvement and make a new choice should they decide that is in their best interest.  That is also just as fine.

Now, as for what nomind states is my claim of Sadhguru engaging in illicit activity, I have this to say:

1/ Nothing directly happened to me.

2/ I am not stating that any illicit activity is fact, for I do not know from direct experience. 

3/ A close friend who left Isha shared with me events which happened to them when they were involved which were at the time purported to be necessary in the process of spiritual progression and which they agreed to at the time.

4/ That friend’s life had been turned upside down in so many ways and I felt their pain after getting out and saw the pain that had been experienced by the family involved.

5/ When that friend opened up to me in an attempt to heal, and shared intimate details of what had happened, I formed an OPINION on the matter.

6/ My OPINION on the matter is that my friend was abused, though my friend didn’t think so at the time it happened; my friend now does recognize that although they did something willingly, they were sorely misled and manipulated.

7/ One thing my friend reports that is a fact is that Adultery was committed as a result of the events which happened, even if done so willingly by my friend.

8/ The proof for me that these events happened to my friend is the good word of my friend, the honest testimony of my friend, and the sincere desire of my friend to heal from these events and the entire involvement with Isha.

9/ It is my OPINION as a result of the close personal contact with the pain of this person’s ordeal that there was misconduct, at the very least Adultery.  I cannot prove it the way that nomind would like me to, but again, it’s just my OPINION.

10/ It is my intent to share my OPINION on this matter as I would my own testimonials of my direct involvement with Isha with no expected outcome other than that the reader might consider that things may not always be as they seem.  I would not wish the pain that my friend suffered from this experience upon anyone.

p.s. nomind stated that I made “some allegations about Sadhguru ... molesting, and what not...”

I did no such thing.  Not once have I alleged molesting, ever...

The reader is free to draw whatever conclusions they choose from my opinions and my testimonials.  I will be more clear in the future should I post again as to which are which.