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Jul 21 10 7:43 AM

The Art of  Breaking  a Family

It was 2 years back. An overseas female meditator had come down with her 8 years old son to the so called Ashram (Velliangiri foothills, Coimbatore).  I was sitting with a so-called isha yoga teacher near the dining hall. It seemed that this female had some domestic quarrels with her husband & were not in talking terms . This female meditator approached the so-called isha yoga teacher for counseling. This so called isha yoga teacher instead of counseling her , advised her to get separated from her husband . She was coaxed  to move to ashram permanently & become a full time volunteer. She was also assured a home school seat for her child. This literally shocked me because the so called isha yoga teacher later told me that this female had been trying for a seat for her child in home school & she would of great use to ashram. The female meditator had no intention of getting separated from her husband. Its just that she wanted to resolve issues.  Later I came to know that her husband was against his wife getting involved in isha activities through the so-called isha yoga teacher.

If isha- inmate, teacher or a monk are approached with domestic issues… they would never try to resolve it . They are always keen in separating the volunteers from their families. They would try to make use of the depressed. This where the depressed gets emotionally moved.  With  their branded sugar coated “talks”, the trap is set.  The depressed would be told that one can find unexpected love & support only from the people at ashram & not elsewhere. Call it brainwashing, fine tuning , mesmerizing, isha inmates are the best. But this will not & never happen to volunteers whose family members are also involved in isha activities.

Trust none at isha foundation....