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Jul 31 10 8:28 PM

Jaggi Vasudev - Managing Trustee of Isha Foundation

Sometime back,  a monk  was  supposed to send a confidential document to Mr. X  but by mistake he  mailed it to Mr. Y.  The mail contained an attachment – a word document , named -APPOINTMENT OF NEW MANAGING TRUSTEE. Mr.Y forwarded the mail to all his  contacts .  The content of the word document is


Certified that the following resolution was passed at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of

M/S. ISA FOUNDATION having its registered office at Poondi, Semmedu (P.O) – 641 114

on the 10th of February 1998 where at the requisite quorum was present and have been duly

recorded in the minutes book.

As per the powers delegated in the minutes of the Trust meeting held on 8.12.93, the present

Managing Trustee Thiru. Jagadish Vasudev hereby appoint Thiru M.S. Rajarathinam as

Managing Trustee with effect from 10.02.98 and Thiru. Jagadish Vasudev is hereby absolved

from the said duty.


                                                                                                            - Certified True Copy


I have heard Mr. Jaggi Vasudev  telling that he had no idea of starting an organization . But upon his volunteers insistence he started isha foundation . I am sure many of us would have heard him telling the same.    If Jaggi Vasudev really had no idea then how come he was the  Managing Trustee  of Isha Foundation, he  could have asked someone( Volunteers)  to become the managing trustee.  Its very evident that isha foundation was a deliberate startup by Mr.Jaggi Vaudev.  He just claims him to be the first volunteer of isha foundation . But never claimed him to be the managing trustee.  Mr. Jaggi vasudev is an excellent speaker & marketer.  He was the one who started it as an organization & he had been holding the managing trustee post for a very long time but he passes the buck on to the innocent volunteers. For a very long time, untill I got this document , as an inmate I was also under the impression that Mr.Jaggi had  nothing to do with isha foundation as an organization . Its all happening because of volunteers insistence. Are still people going to believe all his tall claims? 

The above resolution  is very much enough to prove that Mr.Jaggi Vasudev is a Fraud.