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Jul 23 11 11:25 PM

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Sep 17 11 9:49 AM


My name is Nial Sawa and I just did the work for the first time this august 2011 in Germany.

I am so glad I did not listen to this information saying the school is a con job etc...
I looked at this blog before deciding to do the school, and luckily dismissed this information, as I had had enough experience using the work and knew it had helped me change my relationship with my father which no other technique had been able to do before.

Doing the school has changed me in so many,many ways. I feel saddened to hear from people like yourselves that you are so aagainst it. We could argue all day about intellectual concepts and get no-where. Also, it would be like rubbing salt into a wound to go on about how wonderful the school was for me, so I wont too much.

Would I be right in saying you are frustrated and angry at not having got what the other beeming/smiling "schoolere" got?
 I experienced that to, and literally escaped the place on the last day, without saying goodbye to anyone, as I was feeling confused, tired, and felt like crying as I was so disappointed.

Luckily, I stayed at a hostel, and after recuperating on lost sleep, noticed that I was much more open and friendly towards people. I got angry the next day as I missed my flight, but I still was more relaxed. When I got back to my daughter, then I realised I had changed. I also, carried on doing the work, listening to mp3s and I realised I had been parenting my daughter wrongly. Then the relationship has changed to pure joy, which obviously I am enjoyed about.

What I feel is, the people on this blog  are annoyed at not been helped more there by staff etc in order  to realise what was going on etc. Although, I can see that this is not possible as the experience has to come from the unplanned/uncontrolled mind, I can see your point, if I am right. I to felt lost at points and as if a tidal wave had gone over me. I think this is my only criticism of the school. The people who are not getting it, or who are confused should be helped more there by staff. I will raise this issue one day as I plan on persuing the school with Byron Katie. To say ByronKatie is a dictator is really untrue. I made one comment and it was implemented the next day, so thta to me showes an open mind to criticism.

I do have to say, that if the rules for the school were not followed with an open mind, then like any other course, it will never work. However, there were so many powerful shifts that I dont believe that you got nothing from it. Did you follow the after care for the two months if it was available then, or did you just give up? Maybe, thats why you are so frustrated at having given up.
I have studied many courses and religions, and really it cant be said this is like a cult. There is just none of that. The money issue is invalid, as I didnt have the money and have been allowed to pay it of over the next 4 years. They trusted me to pay this, they did not know me before! Also, people from Malawi etc were invited for free, and I guess their hotel fees were paid by the school.
Also, the course I just did had nothing about giving in precious items, giving up medication etc. Yes, some things were strict, but I really understand that, and have witnessed it on other Non-cult courses. The food restriction which also included alcohol was to allow us to get away from stimulants, something that we take for granted in our daily lives. its actually important to get away from this stuff to have a cleared mind.

I think the work and the school are amazing, and that you are doing a great diservice to people who want to do it, and come across this blog which rates highly on google for some reason. Of all the 250 people who did the school, how many do you think got alot out of i?. I estimate over 90%. Would you? Thats alot of people getting huge improvements in their lives. Do you think your comments justify that people are put off? Did you realy do the work with an open mind, and follow the rules and after care service?

Could you not get on from this, and channel your energy into something more postive? I say this again,I think you are doing people a misjustice if they are put off because of your comments. The 90% or more who benefitted from the course are not able to comment on the school, as this will take away the experience to the newcomer. Your comments are the only thing available and gives away the school activities. anyway, I guess I am not there yet, as this is upsetting me somewhat. Again, I will say this, i am so glad I did not follow your advice. I trully am sorry you did not get it. If you didnt then thats reality, one has to move on really and lick their wounds without lashing out. I wish you all the best, and hope this comment may help others.
With love

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Feb 27 12 12:11 PM

Thank you for a balanced voice in the desert . . . 

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Sep 7 12 12:49 PM

The sequence I experienced was when you get home every one finds out that you are going to devote your life to world peace. All your spare time is spent doing "the work" on the phone and worksheets on yourself.

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Sep 9 12 9:54 AM

There is an overriding need to do "the work" to calm yourself from a newly found anxiety. It becomes difficult to get any of your friends and family to do "the work" with you so you seek out who ever will. This creates separation from you and the important people in your life and draws you to strangers.

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