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Sep 21 12 12:01 PM

the wife story that Jaggi gives never sat right with me or my wife.  I always felt there was something fishy here.  he says that she went into samadhi and gave up her body.  her father doesn't believe it either that why he reported it to the police and Jaggi had already removed all evidence.

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Sep 21 12 12:13 PM

Isha Yoga is the biggest trap.  Jaggi talks alot about transformation and the importance of it but the only way to be truly transformed by isha yoga is to be fully trapped by it.  The only one that is free in isha is Jaggi because he can pretty much do what he wants, when he wants.  The volunteers and the sanyassi's there are the most trapped people I can think of.  they talk about liberation but they so trapped in a cult like mentality unable to think for themselves.  whenever they talk they are just repeating Jaggi's words.  he is very clever but he seldomly answers a question.  he takes each question and uses it to propagate his particular view which is about mind control and getting people to surrender more and more to him and his foundation.  I've even seen him ask his senior volunteers to ask a specific question so he can use it to sell whatever he wants to sell. Usually some program for them to show that they are making a difference for others while simultaneously they are pocketing money.  He came to me and wanted me to sponsor and ambulance for a couple thousand dollars a month.  WTF?  I'm all about helping others but I can't give like that.  He couldn't even remember my name when i was the one that had gathered about 50 people to come and hear his spiel.

 As a 'spiritual' organization they are the best in terms of marketing.  they are master marketers and will stop at nothing to propagate their bullshit so that more and more people can be mentally trapped. 

I went to their ashram in Coimbatore for a week long program called Wholeness.  When i went there I was amazed at how clean and organized it was.  I also realized that they were very controlling but I loved doing the yoga and pranyams.  after that I went to other programs in the USA and even brought my wife to the 7 day program.  While she was their I volunteered and got to see more of the organization from the other side.  the head volunteers fight like anything for Jaggi's approval.  it felt very very cult like.  I also attended a Bhava Spandana program that was even more controlled.  One side i was seeing things that didn't jive with me but one the other side the programming was working some what and I felt guilty if i didn't follow the practices.  The meditation technique didn't make much sense.  it was like taking a mini power nap.  I didn't trust it.  the breathing practices (pranayams) are the main part of their program and throw in some asanas and a weird meditation techniques taking you through this ceremony and giving you a mantra.

Jaggi does a great job at making people think and feel that his yoga is real yoga and others are pretty much mislead yoga or dangerous yoga.  I also remember reading in one of his books that he lives off the energy of his followers and through their practices.  I think it was in mystic musing or Encounter the Enlightened.

check out that title Encounter the Enlightened.  so this guy is Enlightened and selling enlightenment big time.  They have a couple hundred acres of land in Tennesse and big ashrma in India not to mention followers in other countries.  Lots of foreign volunteer live in India slaving away for free.

There's not much negative info regarding Isha on the net.  They're great at getting their followers to spam and all that.  It's been almost 6 or 7 yrs since my Isha yoga experience but I'm so glad I'm not into that trap.  it never felt right even though i love yoga and my Indian culture and heritage.  if you're a follower join Isha.  you'll fit in with all the others that have given up a sense of true responsibility for their life.  that was another thing he always talked about Responsibility.  I never understood what he was going on and on about.  He can be very boring to listen to for long periods of time.  i would fall asleep at his lectures in India and they would make you feel so bad for it.  he goes on and on about responsibility to create all these mindless volunteers that give everything to him and his foundation.

it's a trap.  Run be free

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#24 [url]

Sep 22 12 8:40 PM

Really criminal?  Enlightenment is a life long process or maybe lifetimes.  But you have to start and Isha gives you a start.  Even Sadhguru took a few lifetimes to fully become enlightened once he was on the path.
The Guru Takes you for a ride, Thats a DVD by Isha and he admits it. He will take you for a ride to get you on the path.  Most westerners want instant gratification, they may start because they think they will be enlightened immediately.  It doesnt generally work that way for most people unless they are almost there anyway.Also  Maybe some are enlightened, how would you or I know that.  How do you know so much about what is going on will the millions of Ishas?
Sadhguru works on the physical plane helping but his true concern and committment is to the Individual to reach liberation.  In all spiritual interprises, even with Jesus, you may leave your life behind.  To the outside it may look bad.  I had a young mother tell me once that she did not respect the Buddha because He left his wife and child behind.  

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#25 [url]

Sep 22 12 9:10 PM

He should not be alive and has a copper ankle thing and some strange stuff that connect him with a few followers who assist him with energy.  You misquoted that part.  We didnt say he lived off the energy of all his followers.  

I have heard him answer many many questions people ask and there is a wealth of information from Sadhguru on UTube. Every lecture or meeting with him is video taped and there is often a large group of people and questions asked.  All the time.

I never found him boring, even when he repeats himself. His prescence is amazing.  I  was in a program with him and a one point, he looked at every individual in the 300 or more people attending.  One on one. Eye to eye.  I couldnt do that. That in itself was amazing to me.  The first time I attended one of his meetings he looked at me directly as an individual and probably everybody else he had never seen.  I felt like I knew him.  He maybe didnt know my name or if I said it remembered it although I heard he is amazing at that.

What caused you to stop after all the programs.?  You were in it a while.  To me just to being a Vegetarian, doing meditation and yoga everyday, I got my moneys worth.  I have been doing this for over 3 years and I am still perfecting it and progressing with these programs.  Even the Shambavi, It is still a work in progress, evolving.
I guess for you you didnt end up happier or healthier. I take it your wife feels the same way.  Didnt you get anything out of it? What are you doing now.?

I have heard he asks people to do challenging things and sometimes they do.  I wonder why he asked you to donate so much.  Did you have it but didnt want to?

I would think you were used to this type of devotion being an Indian.
It is not a new thing to be a devotee.  To you it looks mindless (that might be a really good thing as far as a spiritual thing,  it is a goal in Buddhist and Hinduism, etc.)  But to be a devotee can be ecstasy. So they are happy!  It is also a traditional way to enlightenment.  A servant, a devotee, very highly esteemed in India especially.  So what if you gave  your life to Isha.  What else is any better.  To have a family.?  What. Not everyone has to have the same path.  Is one good and the other bad?  Yes I have seen the Isha volunteers, stressed and bicker and act all human (a few.  At first I expected then to "be more together"  than I realized  they are just humans on the path.  It is just a reflection of life.  Not everyone is in the highest state, everyone is where they are at the time but wanting and working towards something higher.  Even in Buddhist monasteries everyone isnt saintly all the time, or any other monastery of any kind. 

So are you still seeking enlightenment?  What is your path now?

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#26 [url]

Sep 22 12 9:13 PM

Logic, is that the highest state or a limited state of mind.  It is definitely limited to the physical plane.  It is not a spiritual state of mind.  Is God or the beyond measured by mans logic?  Is that the highest way to be?  
Logic or what are you speaking.  The lose all logic about what?

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#27 [url]

Sep 22 12 9:17 PM

All great ideas, and maybe someday they will achieve them.  Just because it isnt that way yet doesnt mean it never will.  It is a work in progress.  They are humans, not perfect.  Humans and organizations all have flaws and often try to evolve.  It is a process.

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Sep 23 12 7:33 AM

dianedebaun - enlightenment requires you to go beyond your limitations - all limitations.  Right now you are limited by your guru and all your concepts about your guru.  You are limited by what you believe about your guru, beliefs that lack evidence of authenticity.  You need to go beyond the limitation of your beliefs about your guru.  You have to go beyond the limitation of your guru if you have even a chance, even an opportunity for enlightenment.  Questioning your guru, sincerely questioning your guru with an open mind about the evidence and answers that are there will be the most difficult step you can take, but, you must take it to accomplish what you desire.  If you don't begin now, when??

Have a good day.

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#30 [url]

Sep 23 12 6:41 PM


From reading your posts I see that you are invested in protecting the illusion that Isha foundation projects so it's gonna to be tough dialoging with you. I just want to say this off the top that I'm not interested in going back and forth with you. I'll respond here but will not address you directly again. It would be a waste of my energy and if you're a good isha student than you will know that yoga is about energy management (at least that is what Jaggi will say). 

First off you said I misquoted about the guru feeding off the energy of his followers and you referenced the copper Kurda he wears. It is known in tantric circles (and he is black tantric) that people who develope a following ESP gurus they create an etheric cord to devotees through which they initially bless or send energy initially but later (depending on the consciousness of the 'guru') they can also use that same etheric cord to drain energy from followers for their own benefit. The Kalki guy from Oneness movement does this. My suspicion is that Jaggi does it also and that copper ankle story is very revealing in terms of that to me. You can see it what ever way you like. 

I'm not seeking enlightenment. Enlightenment is our natural state of being so the more you seek it, the more you push it away. Movements like isha do not and cannot provide you with enlightenment.  If they did than you and a thousands of their followers would be enlightened already but instead your just plain confused and it shows in your posting. You substitute your original logic and replace it with the nonsense Jaggi  or some other asshole spews therefore becoming less of yourself and more of a programmed confused lost soul. 

I have a family and what I have received though my family no ashram or organization can give me. When I was very young I gave up my family and joined a cult. I gave my life to it. Years later I woke up and was free but along with the freedom was hurt and disappointment.  The Buddhists and so on when they talk about mindlessness they are no way talking about surrendering to isha or some other nonsense. They're saying you should throw away your DISCERNMeNT. 
"the wise one stepping back from the mind knows all things" tao te Ching 

It's going beyond the mortal mind entering the space of 'no mind' (silence). When you discover the silence and stillness within (which is always present and is your natural state of being) that being free from the limitations of mind. Most people think and believe whatever they're mind tells them. They are caught in up in their heads, caught up in the endless compulsive  streams of  thought. To go beyond that is what the Buddhists are talking about, discovering who we are beyond what our head tells us. Not joining a cult giving away your power to some one or something outside of yourself.  Which is what every guru worshipper does, give away there power to someone else. 

There was a time and an age where the guru disciple parampara (tradition) was important in order to evolve. Now imho is not that time. Gurus have to cut the corded so that each may have direct communion with the Source of being. This is a different age where individuals all over are awakening, popping like popcorn. 

Processes like isha are just like dog trying to catch its tale. You spin around and around but never get what your looking for. Get off the spiritual treadmill or stay on it. Like you said he's taking you for a ride. Stay on as long as it works for you. I'm glad that I got 5 or 6 years ago. 

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#33 [url]

Sep 25 12 6:23 AM

People who talk against isha want ego satisfaction that stand taken by them is right.They want more people to join them and shout .It is not politics to be decided by number of people.It is about your life to be decided by you.

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#34 [url]

Sep 25 12 9:05 AM

your commenting here judging people as being 'against' isha and labeling them.  is that not from your ego?  I think we would agree that your life is to be decided by you.  When people give themselves over to cult like isha they lose that ability though.  thanks 

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