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Apr 11 08 7:12 PM

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To be honest, I've never seen the man, but I've had a few commenters on the blog who were close to him. Their descriptions have certainly colored my view, but even before that, when he skated at that conference instead of slamming Modi for genocide, coming up with some lame, hypocritical bullshit; I knew he was all show with no substance, a cardboard cutout of a guru.

The latest AoL revelations are proof the man cares about nothing but his own fame. In order to get more of that, he needs to manufacture devotion, so he's created a cult-propagation machine, complete with hideous miracle-mongering, so he can ensnare as many into his self-aggrandizement scheme as possible.

He and his family are getting rich. Everyone else is getting zilch.


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Jul 9 08 11:37 PM


My all friends, you must have seen Sri Sri Ravishankar pulled and ridiculed (not intentionally) by Prabhu Chawla in Seedhi Baat on Aaj Tak in June 2008. This is a charge sheet on charlatan Sri Sri (Shri Shri) Ravishankar. This man has spoiled the idea of spiritualism and has upheld hysteria in the name of spirituality. There are some riddles of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s extra-spiritual activities that I have befallen to. Most of the riddles are over and above the questions raised by Prabhu Chawla.

1. Ravishankar started AoL (Art of Living) as a spiritual movement. Why did he diversify to social leadership and ventured into education, hospitals, agriculture, reconstruction (as in Maharashtra) and many other things?

2. If he justifies his foray into education, social work and politics, then can he remain a Guru or Guruji? What kind of Guru is this who is attached to the same things with the same fervor and ambition as a non-Guru is? Isn’t a non-Guru better, who at least says, “Yes, I am attached”? If this is not attachment, then what should the inner driving force behind his entry in extra-spiritual domains be called as? Whatever he calls it as, will that be different from “attachment”?

3. I have been to his campus called Ashram in Bangalore. His AoL is based on Bhakti Marg. Why isn't there a single temple in his ashram of even a single Hindu God or Goddess, when his path is Bhakti Marg-based? Even non-idol worshipping churches have Christ’s idols! Isn’t this a lame attempt to attract the intelligentsia by exhibiting a non-idol-based “scientific” path? Then what about the Bhakti path that is actually taught by him? Can there be Bhakti Path sans idol worship? And he is not against idol worship as such. Then why no idol or temple inside AoL campus? Isn’t this a dichotomy of his preaching and his practice?

4. He doesn't earn anything and he is not an industrialist. That means the charity he is doing is out of charity of others. Why should there be a free food for all in most hours of the day in his ashram? Is it to impress the masses with charity? What kind of charity is this which is not his own? If he is using others' donations for this free food etc., then isn't this an unjustifiable extravaganza (on others' help) that has nothing to do with spirituality?

5. Why does a spiritual Guru color his hair? If it is because of his chele-chapate (disciples), his disciples' desire to see his hair black renders the Guru a failure. Why does he have to be in agreement with the thought of his disciples about his hair color?

6. His ashram has a shop named “Divine Shop”. Can a shop be divine just because it vends some so-called spiritual merchandise? Isn’t AoL itself a divine shop that sells spirituality for fee? If he can give free food to hundreds or thousands of non-course-takers each day, why can’t he give free spirituality? Why can’t he trade off food for spirituality? If he is not in a position to give spirituality, his prime business, without fee, why is he making that unsolicited charity in secondary business of giving free food to any visitor in the campus? Does he feel compelled to do the same as his rival Gurus are doing in their premises?

7. He had to be apologetic about the book on Islam. Doesn't that reveal an untrustworthy Guru? Doesn’t that suggest a lack of coherence of thoughts? If he is apologetic, he was wrong. If he is wrong, then how can he teach and claim to be a Guru.

8. He convened a meeting of Hindu leaders in June 2008 for AIDS and Swami Agnivesh attended it. Why was it called caucus, a term that has never been used in this context? Was it to impress the media who were talking of American caucuses at almost the same time? Wasn't that a blatantly unacceptable term, nevertheless?

9. It is a mentality of common man or good man or a naive man to say, "We should take what is good in him and leave bad". Isn't he taking an advantage of common man's condoning ability?

10. There is a lot of spirituality merchandising going on in AoL. You read a catchphrase "Music relaxes the soul" on each CD of AoL. Does or can the soul really relax? If this is "Just Like That", then what is NOT “just like that” in AoL?

11. People who have low self-worth (divorcees, criminals, sociopaths, anti-social personality disorders, failures) are seen taking recourse to AoL. Is it to learn spirituality or to take a recluse in AoL to save themselves from the onslaught of society? Isn't there an evaluation process as to who is coming for what? If this was for spirituality, it was OK; but what about those who hide in the fold of AoL to escape societal criticism? Is the Guru turning a blind eye to this for creating a mass base for his own career?

12. Why does a spiritual Guru have to start a marriage bureau? Does the Guru have a statistics of how many people are coming in AoL for getting married? Is the Guru giving these 'Value-Added Services" to widen his base?

13. If the marriage bureau is for the disciples to marry among themselves, are his disciples so weak that they cannot get along well with non-AoL spouse? If he advocates such marriages for growth in spirituality, how many such couples have grown to become saints? Isn't he denying “spiritual" spouse to a non-AoL bride or groom by this idea of intra-AoL marriages? Is spirituality taught by the Guru so effete that a disciple requires only an AoL spouse to practice it?

14. If his disciples are so strong in art of living, why are so many getting separated? If the art is not contributing to even keeping the marriage, what exactly are they learning? Are they learning how to separate and not have remorse? Are they learning how not to suffer and how to chill in spite of separating?

15. In Gujjar issue, the Guru went to Rajasthan to solve a problem. Wasn't that an attempt to make a foray into "peace politics" after "Hindu politics" with LK Advani? Didn’t he go there because of ease and acceptability in a BJP-run state? Was or is that the only problem in India? What about naxalism in Bihar? The Guru wanted an extremely red hot problem to solve, and not a simmering one like naxalism. In actuality naxalism, like many others, is a far more complex problem that requires mediation; but it is not amenable to getting resolved easily, there is no instant reward, and the Guru is not acceptable to non-BJP-run State politicians. Moreover, the Guru requires an absolute peace problem, not something related to communism as in naxalism. Isn't this longing for brokering peace, because there is no Nobel for non-peace-making politics? Why doesn't he solve the problem of his own mind that is so passionate, runs incoherently and pines for Nobel or Magasaysay?

16. He will, in a year or two, five at maximum, get a Magasaysay for social leadership because of his work in extra-spiritual field. But the real question is, will the prize not accrue to Art of Social Work and be wrongly credited to Art of Living?

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Jul 10 08 12:27 AM

In my earlier posting entitled "RIDDLES OF SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR’S PARASPIRITUALITY", I had made an allusion to hysteria in AoL. If one has ever been to AoL campus (which is called ashram), one can notice people going into hysteria (mass hysteria) when Guru Ravishankar comes and greets them, when there are bhajans and aaratis etc. Women and children shout like "Gu-Ru-Ji" to seek his attention.

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Jul 13 08 4:18 AM

When I saw Ravishankar speak in Prabu Chawla's Seedhi Baat, I could see Ravishankar eat the dust. He couldn't answer the rapid 5 questions. This is nothing but the unpreparedness of the inner self. His is shallow and that's why makes so much noise in Bangalore. Shallow waters make more noise. He winked his eyes in reply to one rapid-five question of Prabhu Chawla.

Prabhu Chawla: Why would you like to be in next birth?
Ravishankar: (Winks eyes) Not yet decided!

Why didn't say I want to be a bhakt or guru or anything. He isn't clear! He is indeed a charlatan.

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Jul 13 08 4:21 AM

Ravishankar (Sri Sri) Dissected!

The author of RIDDLES OF SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR’S PARASPIRITUALITY has dissected the Ravishankar cult. I admire the systematic expose!

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Aug 20 08 2:57 AM

First of all my friend, i would like to ask you a question, do you know where is the world's largest slum?

a: It's in your mind.

After reading your post i have realised that you are very limited in your perception. You are partially informed about Art Of Living which is clearly exbhited in your post, as partial knowledge can be very dangerous. You simply choose to be ignorant; as on a sunny day wearing shades will darken your view, in same manner your ignorance in knowledge has surfaced in your post. You are unaware of all the activities undertaken by Art of Living, under the supervision of Guruji. In this busy and stressful world no one is bothered about others where as Guruji has come forward to spread the message of peace and happiness in everyone's life.
My dear friend we invite you to come down to experience any of our programs at your nearest location.

I would be rather happy if you could mail me back with all your queries regarding Art Of Living. My email id is

Thank You.

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Oct 4 08 9:37 PM

I have seen him grow.
He has a wall of people around him, ( I don't know if they are salaried, or partners in, who try hard to create godly effect around him. Pass the stories of miracles of guru FOR FREE.
For the benefit of christians ,a jesus look is given., beard cut like jesus, and hair style like jesus, hair coloured black for better appearance.
A spiritual master should offer spirituality for free , not at a cost.
A gnani guru should be able to stop the intentions of bad persons around him, and purify the minds around him, in that case you don't need such high flying security like agnani political leaders!!, His chamchas pushing even aged men and women who are trying to get a glimpse of guru,WHO VERY sadly made to believe he is a reincarnation of god, get pushed to the side . simply pathetic way of giving a VVIP apearance to their guru.
How can a spiritual guru have a wall around him, especially a renounced one ?( obviously some body is afraid of death here). The dollars are pouring in, in art of living classes, in the name of various businesses like selling CDS, building cottages in ashram, ayurvedic products.
How reachable is this guru who is supposed to spread spiritualism for every one, when he is jet setting from country to country, building a good PR for him self, and building ashrams all over the world. What exactly he renunciated.
Why his sister Bhanu, and her get kids equal preferential treatment,when the whole world is his.
Also people who provide jets for his jet setting get first preference, and they never get stopped at any gate, as they need them too ( or their funds, or their name to quote so and so has visited the ashram. The only difference bet. corporate infosys and him is, infosys asks the VIP to plant tress , to show how many VVIPs came to their campus, and guruji is on award winning spree and his PR team works very hard to get sweet guruji a medal every year, to keep gurujis 3rd eye cool. Or is he making them plant trees too??
In hyderabad when he came military officers were arrogantly dealing with woman telling them they can throw them out , if they cross the security line which is atleat 20 feet away from guru. I don't know why such crude/high headed military people were hired in his inner circle, who are confused between spiritual grounds and battle grounds.
There are lots of stories you can tell about his PR activists, and phanetic chelas, who desperately try to create godly image of him.
What is the difference between him and a common politician, when his sister getting prominence over a woman in the crowd? How can a spiritual guru associate himself with his family? would he like if his own sister told that she can be thrown out,gets pushed to the side
You are so powerfu and you to change the world, and care for peace of the world, I don't think you are proving it with such strong gray areas where your lust for power, building umpire, PR, medals, awards, nominations is clearly visible.
It is very sad that a whole lot of innocent, disturbed people are getting exploited by todays gurus, who are not teaching spiritualism, as they have no time to reach a commoner,( unless it is PR photo session), or except for talking into mikes addressing large crowds, and and getting them recorded and sold as CDS , and managing to get the biggest profit for every syllable they utter.all the political party workers are supposed to bring people when their leaders address a rally/gathering, and so are gurus chelas, supposed to bring people for gathering to be in the good books of gurus.
I know few widowed woman who are given a seat in different guru's ashrams after transfering their property to them, saying you get peace here, do seva. So free labour, and free property , and they are given modest ashram meal, and maintain their gadens/cook or clean for free, but ofcourse it has a holy name called " SEVA", but don't term it as exploitation of woman who aredisturbed by their personal loss.
Please some one stop this mass spiritual exploitation of innocent people.
Learn from brahma kumaris who teach spiritualism for free, and easily reachable than a high flying master whose glimpse also you cannot get unless you are a VVIP, and he has some dealing with you.Each BK ashram is every ones home, as they make every one feel that it is their house. You stay free, you eat free, and no donations are never solicited. I went to their various centers, and no one ever raised the money with me.
why should there be VIP seats in a gathering of spiritual sharing, for a guru every one should be a VIP, not just the one who paid a lot of money to get his PR books published.
Well I can go on and on.I also know each of this act can be also justified or given an answer with a nice spiritual tone, or declare me as an agnani, or bitter and unable to see the great PR charitable acts of their gurus.

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#9 [url]

Jun 4 09 5:21 AM

what I am seeing Here is that Most of the members in this forum Are Jelous of all the gurus.thay Want to be Gurus Atleast in this forum

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#10 [url]

Jun 4 09 5:26 AM

And Most of The Fools in this Forum Think That They are Osho.

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Jun 4 09 5:37 AM

Before Analysing any guru
Please Contemlpate your self
see u r ugly self
then first post ur ugluness here
because u r also behaving like duplicate
guru u can be dissected here

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Aug 23 09 5:21 AM

To everyone... Here are some basic truths.
Patanjali was the person who is supposed to have compiled the Yoga Sutras. Most of the teachers have used that and taught their disciples the same over several centuries. Pabhupada - ISKCON, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Bhuddha, Sri Sri Ravishankar - Art of living, Jagadguru Jaggi - Isha Foundation, Ramana Maharishi, Swamy Nityananda - Dhyanapeetam are all teachers who have decided to create movements to get people to start living the life without the impact of ego, worldly desires etc.
Looks like many of you are looking for cheap tricks to take away your body pains, illness etc.
Most of these gurus who are dead had disease in their bodies. Enlightenement has to do with the Soul, victory over the mind and good upkeep of the body to support life.
You can choose any guru as long as your path is towards living a good life. If money and gadgets rule your life, you will never be happy and you will never win anything...
Look at Bill gates, he has enough and more money and only looks to give it away. Warren Buffet has a charity too. There is only so much we can do with money. Most of us abuse our mind, body and soul trying to get all that money, car, clothes and still remain unhappy.
Meditation, control over the mind etc helps us lead a happy life.
Stop wasting your time and focus on whats important for you. No one is telling you to waste your hard earned money on AOL. Attend his session, understand the meditation techniques, sit at home and use it. Why leave your job and join the ashram? No one forced you into this. There are so many of us who just go on with our Corporate lives. Just that we are lot more stable, less angry, more contended, at peace with ourselves and the world.
Some people take extreme measures, are unable to adjust to a hard life and then jump. Just like so many of my friends who came back to India after getting their green cards or citizenship and could not adjust. It is the same life that they lived for 30 years. Just a 10 year stint in the US has changed their perception about life. Do what you can handle. Not every can be a Usain Bolt. Know your limits. Meditation helps you understand yourslef better. Thats all. Enjoy life and be happy.

In early days, kings used to fund the spread of spiritualism. Now that Government doesnt do anything, people who elect the Government are expected as per their means to help spread awareness, do good for the society. What is your problem if they give free food, want to change the society etc? Our society is so messed up. We need more such gurus.

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#15 [url]

Mar 9 10 5:52 AM

RockyRajesh, I can only agree with every word you said.  People in this forum are more interested in finding weeds in the flowers instead of enjoying the presence of flower itself.  But we cannot blame them since this forum is created with ulterior motive of finding fake gurus.  So be it.

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#16 [url]

May 13 10 8:24 AM

Correction Rocky.  Ramana Maharshi never, ever, started a movement.  He respected Patanjali, but P. was a dualist and RM was a fully realized non-dualist.  RM had no agenda.  You should study him before passing comment.

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#17 [url]

Jan 21 12 6:39 AM

Yes,everyone of us is trying to be a Guru and giving our Gyan wanted to be read , and so are these celebrity GURUS wanted to be seen,heard and followed.The followers accept them as their role models because they buy the spiritual dream they sell.Vivekanada and Kabirdas have said that you should be beware of fake gurus because they can lead you to hell and to judge their character is of utmost importance because he is not the one teaching any theoretical subject like medicine or maths but is there to teach spirituality which is based on highest morals..This forum is meant to judge what makes you so offended ? don't be a emotional fool..

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#18 [url]

Jan 21 12 9:56 AM


Whatever Questions have been posted by poster rookie about Sri Sri Ravi shankar are actually equally valid and applicable for False Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev & Isha Foundation as the identical things are happening there also. 


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#19 [url]

Mar 24 12 7:09 AM

It is a shame what has happened to the Hindu/Yogic Dharma (Hindu religion). When put in their proper Hindu context, Sanskrit/Hindu terms and concepts such as: Yoga, Guru, Mantra, Kundalini, Chakras etc., are valid principles (to still be used with discretion). However, when the roots are denied, the plant dies (to say the least). Creating a vacuum, picture, personality and price tag fill in the hole. So, we have unhealthy Guru cults; phony yoga and new-age stuff.

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