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Apr 12 08 12:07 PM

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Simply put, Kalki Bhagavan is the slickest con man of the big-time gurus. His "enlightenment"-mill at Oneness University churns out nothing more than monstrous ignorance. He is no more a world savior than my dog's ass, and I bet that ass smells sweeter than the breath of this scamming fauxvatar.


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Aug 12 09 10:53 AM

I would like to understand on which grounds you just judge people and organizations. Please explain who is a good person for you. This site could be interesting and maybe as some truth somewhere ( I hope) but please prove with real feedback or cases of people experiencing the bogus nature of their activities etc.

I have  just heard about this organization, personally I saw some videos and I am energetically not attracted. I would like to know if you have a small good comment for someone specific or the site has been created just to condemn everyone

Sorry but I think is good to share honest opinions


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Mar 1 10 12:40 AM

i totally agree with and kapra. I feel the people who believe Bhagavan as god are really stupid. I dont have any personal g ledge or some personal offense against him but he is cheating the innocent people and trapping them saying that he is gonna save the mankind and he is the avatar of lord krishna.

today i got to see the coverage on MAHA TV on This bogus Kalki Bhagavn and they have shown some real vedios of the devotees in the Asrams. I can firmly belive that drugs are using there and they are hypnotized So many people loss huge money. Its a well planned fraud where the big people in the society are also plays an imp role. I pity the devotees of the KALKI BHAGAVAN and one day they will surely know the fact behind Kalki aliaz VijayKumar.

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Sep 26 12 12:50 PM

this Oneness movement has to be the biggest spiritual scam of our time.  People from all over are into it.  Do they know that this man Kalki says he's Bhagawan (God).  He is supposed to be an avatar, God incarnate here liberating the world.  That's exactly what so many spiritual seekers want to here that there is a being and an organization here to save the planet.

Obviously if the planet is to be saved it can happen through massive awakening and I believe a great awakening is taking place but it has nothing to do with these onessness nuts.  they are just jumping on the band wagon of what is and trying to take the credit.  I saw one of his question and answers and he said that things would greatly change after Oct 28 2011.  All he was doing was going by Calleman's research and his blind, gullible followers ate it up thinking that this day would come and all their 'problems' would be solved.  No my friend Kalki can't solve your 'problems' but he can prophesize a future date when everything will be 'okay.'  He's done that again and again and the gullible keep following.  he's been exposed on many fronts for using money (large amounts) for his own personal gain and for his son.  people still want to see God and be blessed so they forkover $100,000 rupees for a meeting.  People will cry that his course is now free, just pay for food and lodging.  Well what about when it was being sold for thousands of dollars per course.  they were getting flack for it and then changed it up maybe.  

"All we need is 21 days to pretty much mind f#&k you and then you're ours anyway.  keep donating to build the temple.  And if you can't no problem i have enough indian followers that i'm squeezing and they're coming through for me big time.  you westerners could learn from my gullible indian followers.  the great thing about indian followers is that they really don't give a f^*k how much I'm exposed or what comes out in the media.  they will still love me and do whatever i say because they know how God when they see God.  They know how to recognize God and since the recesssion you westerners haven't been giving to me like in the good ole days.  India's economy is growning and lots of these indian don't know what to do with all their money so I'm here giving them a place to purify it or at least that's what they think.  Love my indian peeps.  they'll die for me.  shit when i say shit and all that because these idiots want my blessings.  you see in india it's all about what can you do for me.  i give them these bullshit blessings and they pay me big time for it.  it's the best gig in the world.  i don't have to produce anything.  just sell them hope and get paid in full.  tell them all the bs they want to hear and get money.  Even the politicians don't have it as good as me.  they have to at least act sometimes like they are working for the people.  my peeps know they work for me cuz i'm the big G.  yes my blessings are expensive but if i gave them out freely know one would give a shit about me.  Give them a big price tag and they'll think it's really something special.  After all i've learned from all the clothing designers.  the bigger the price tag the more it's worshipped.  gotta love it"--Kalki 

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