Jun 16 12 12:20 PM

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I am working on a finding former members willing to discuss their time in the group lead by Louis Dor Dempriey. I know you're out there and I need information as he's recruiting a friend. I want to expose him for whom before this person is sucked in
Thanks, will watch for replies here.

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Jul 11 12 10:42 AM

HI there-

Have you had any replies?  I am also interested in hearing from former members, as my nephew has recently moved in to the "darsham" in Laguna Beach.  We actually had an intervention this weekend, but my nephew is blinded by the nonsense this guy spouts.
You can tell your friend that I did a property search in Orange County, and Louix owns some valuable commercial real estate in Laguna Beach under his REAL name- Louis Bonanno. Beachfront commercial real estate- how do you pay for that without a job?
In addition, he owns several residences, and I think (not sure) he is part of a finance corporation.
I also discovered that he bought land in Sedona, AZ as well- more prime real estate.

Also, he is involved in a bitter custody battle with his wife ("Cosibella"- his name for her, her original name wasn't good enough) over thier ten year old daughter.  This is not a secret, my nephew knew it as well.
She fled with their child to Hawaii after her own son killed himself a few years back.  The boy's sister alleges mistreatment and sexual abuse by Louis when their mother married him.
What I tried to tell my nephew is that custody battles are very costly. It is unbelieveable how expensive it is to hire a lawyer, go to court, etc.....  This usually costs in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  
Again, how do you pay for that without a job.  Lawyers do not work without cash up front- even for "the enlightened."
My nephew pays 700$ a month, and has to share a room and a BED with a stranger.
Everyone has to "tithe" ten percent of their gross income as well.

It works for Louix- flying to Thailand and Australia first class with an entourage, owning property in both places, and paying his lawyer's fees.
How anyone can look at this guy for more than ten seconds is beyond me.
He is a minor league scam artist, a failed actor and sexual predator.
All of his sexual partners come from his sect, and there are many allegations of pedophilia by former members to be found online.  

You are a good friend.  Please let me know what else you come up with, as if this isn't enough!

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Jul 12 12 12:02 PM

No, I have not found any former members willing to talk about their experiences in the group. As you said, he's a minor-league player in the bigger scheme of con artist. None the less, he is still a parasite on the backs of others and destroys the peace and tranquility of familial relations...

Yes, I knew all the information you provided and then some. He was also in a "B" soft porn movie; he was the "star"...a very bad actor, but, he apparently used those skills/Hollywood-type connections in order to develop the current con he's peddling. His new "career" came only a few years after his failed acting...(as in he probably ran into a "fortune teller" who told him there's lots of money in the racket, he should try it with all his "skills").

He also claims "childhood" visions of all kinds of "messiahs" that are obviously not plausible; he's never provided any witnesses or evidence that he had these "visits". He claims that Jesus visited him twice at age 5; it seems, since he was raised Catholic, a priest would have heard about him somewhere along the line from himself/relatives/neighbors, etc. It appears that no one else on the planet has recollections of Tony's having "visions" except by his own "recollection". 

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